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Illusions of Nature for Indoor Wellness

Sky Factory is a global fine arts and technology company that designs and manufactures the only research-verified illusions of sky in the world.

Our multisensory nature display systems enliven our hard-wired, biological affinity and love of natural environments known as Biophilia.


A unique fusion of art, science, and technology, Sky Factory's virtual skylights and windows dramatically enhance the sense of openness and connection to nature in enclosed interiors.

As a unique biophilic design application, our illusions of sky and illusions of nature are found in leading healthcare, commercial, corporate, and retail environments worldwide.

Open Skies Image Technology:
A New Standard for Ceiling Art

Developed over a decade of documenting the experiences of captive and transient populations in a variety of enclosed environments, Open Skies Image Technology is a unique artistic framework that has a multisensory effect on the human physiology.


Unlike standard commercial photography, this technique evokes familiar spatial reference frames-points of view that we readily identify-that engage areas of the brain involved in spatial cognition (depth perception).

First studied at Texas Tech University's Neuro-Imaging Institute, this framework engrosses the observer in a nature illusion that restores psycho-physiological wellbeing.

The 1st Choice for Healthcare Environments: Luminous SkyCeilings

Sky Factory Luminous SkyCeilings are the world's only research-verified virtual skylights in the world. Their ability to faithfully reproduce the rich saturation and subtle visual stimuli of real sky makes them a unique biophilic design solution for enclosed spaces in any commercial building.

Modular and easy to install, Luminous SkyCeilings enliven our innate, hard-wired affinity with natural environments, triggering an automatic "Relaxation Response" that provides psycho-physiological comfort, inner stability, and vitality.

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The Best Choice in Sky Ceiling Simulations: Revelation SkyCeiling

The Revelation SkyCeiling was designed to deliver a more engrossing open sky experience. By increasing the surface area of our image panels and increasing the depth and angle of our architectural reveal, we can achieve a more aesthetic framework.

Revelation SkyCeilings employ a more robust, self-supporting grid system that delivers the most engaging biophilic illusion-of-sky available-transforming the larger rooms and higher ceilings found in deep-plan enclosed interiors into beautiful, healthier, and more restorative environments.

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Luminous Virtual Windows
Panoramic Vistas for Occupant Wellbeing

Sky Factory's Luminous Virtual Windows are designed to weaken the perception that interior walls limit our surroundings by extending the perceived horizon line through photographic illusions of wild nature vistas in window-like frames.

Luminous Virtual Windows create an impressive binocular effect when arranged in multiples, deepening the illusion of space and panorama.

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Digital Cinema Illusions of Nature
Restorative Portals for Interiors

Sky Factory's Digital Cinema line of full motion virtual windows and skylights are a fusion of fine art and digital technology that provide a stunning level of realism.

Unlike edited content, our artists specialize in hours-long, unedited, real-time sequences of extraordinary landscapes, seascapes, and sky views, which have a more profound therapeutic effect on mind and body.

eSea, Our Digital Cinema Aquarium
One Portal, Many Marine Environments

Sky Factory's eSea brings the visually soothing, psycho-physiological benefits of aquariums without the demands of maintaining a real tank.

Designed to be maintenance-free, eSea provides all the therapeutic benefits of saltwater aquariums without the costs of maintenance or the risk of waterborne pathogens.

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eScape 2.0, A Digital Cinema Virtual Window for Enclosed Interiors

Sky Factory's eScape 2.0 is an integrated Digital Cinema Virtual Window system that brings the therapeutic beauty of nature—real-time moving images and sound—to indoor spaces.

An architectural high-tech illusion, eScape features a wall-mounted, professional-grade edge-lit LED, High Definition LCD screen embedded in a full-size casement window.

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Sky Factory Products at a Glance

Our award-winning Luminous SkyCeilings and Luminous Virtual Windows transform interior environments by going beyond what standard décor can accomplish.

Unlike commercial ceiling murals and photographic wall murals that employ multipurpose, licensed photography, Sky Factory's Open Sky Compositions are unique.

Our artists capture our open sky and nature panoramas taking into account an architectural point-of-view that integrates POV images into the interior envelope of a room or interior space, lending the illusion a properly scaled exit point.


All other ceiling art and wall art applications do not factor the environmental context, which limits them to symbolic representations (decorative artwork), not realistic portals to a simulated exterior.

While other systems place their emphasis on low-cost printing techniques and inexpensive lightbox or skylight materials, Sky Factory drop ceiling systems employ high quality modular panels that deliver an unmatched luminescence.

Sky Factory and Biophilia:
The Most Researched Image-based Healthcare Lighting

Sky Factory designs Luminous SkyCeilings and Luminous Virtual Windows that transform the interior design of any interior space. While they may appear to be similar to:

  • wall murals
  • ceiling murals
  • sky murals
  • backlit sky photography
  • ceiling art for custom ceilings
  • ceilings composed of standard ceiling tiles or drop ceiling panels

In fact, Luminous SkyCeilings are unique and quite different. They are research-verified, multisensory virtual skylights.


Sky Factory's products are widely used in patient centered healthcare facilities where modes of nature art therapy are incorporated.

Our Sky Ceilings display beautiful photographic images of skies, clouds, stars, trees, blossoms, and nature landscapes to create magical illusions of cloud ceilings, star ceilings, etc.

Unlike interior décor, Sky Factory photography is designed to integrate into the architectural context of a room, giving them an uncanny resemblance to genuine views to nature that engage our innate biophilic response to natural environments. Learn more


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