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Sky Factory SkyV™ Digital Cinema Display

is an illusion of real sky, a virtual skylight displaying the essence of nature's sky events in vivid, hours-long, UltraHD sequences. SkyV is a ceiling-mounted system of precision monitors integrated into a faux skylight framework.

Library of Scenes

At about 7,000 feet of elevation, the sky and morning clouds are seen through an opening in the subalpine fir forest. Here the sky is at its bluest, the sunshine is clear and both contrast with the pure white morning clouds.

Because one is close to the clouds, the details of their motion becomes evident - and fast. This is especially the case since the clouds are not only moving in the direction of the prevailing winds but also being formed directly overhead by eddy currents that reflect the topography of the mountain - jutting up into the sky to disrupt the smooth flow of air like a submerged rock in a river.

This contributes to the dynamism of the clouds and their unusual character; shapes that change quickly as the formative process expands their mass at every point simultaneously.Even though moving in the low level winds, the firs create a stable pattern which contrasts with the rapid changes above.

Sometimes, the trees are in deep shadow as unseen clouds cover the sun. On other occasions, the overhead patches of blue sky take on the same shapes and patterns as the trees - as if the tree-forms were projected upwards.

In these moments there is a literal display of the harmony that exists among all the patterns of nature's workings.

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Four Firs and Mountain Clouds
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SkyV in a Hospital Room

Main Features

  • Ultra High-Definition resolution - SkyV's UltraHD delivers three times more detail than full 1080p HD content, with overall resolution of 3,240 pixels x 1,920 pixels.
  • Unique Illusions of Sky Content - each SkyV features eight hours of real-time sky views. Each scene (average length is 1¼ hours) features continuous, non-repeating footage of beautiful sky events - evolving clouds, over-hanging trees and blossoms (and the occasional fauna). Our proprietary, UltraHD footage is created by Sky Factory for SkyV, and cannot be found anywhere else.
  • Advanced Technology - commercial-grade LED-edgelit LCD monitors and components designed to withstand thousands of hours of continuous, 24/7 operation.


Some applications include:

Healthcare-waiting areas, treatment rooms, patient rooms, cafeterias Hospitality-hotel lobbies, restaurants, spas, casinos Commercial-retail spaces, corporate offices Institutional-airports, govt. buildings, schools Residential-bedroom, living room and remodeled basement areas  



1) Dust Cover

2) Support Frame - Supports monitors and is used to mount the assembly to the ceiling structure.

3) Monitors with hinged, drop-down support frames - Three 40" LED-edgelit LCD monitors with attached support frames.

4) Trim - Style and color designed to enhance the illusion of nature experience.

5) Wall Mounted Controller - Wall mounted touch screen controller allows the user to select scenes and playlists, pause, stop and play scenes.

6) Plug & Play Video Playback Unit (VPU) - Hard drive based system delivers 8 hours of UltraHD content (3240x1920 pixels). Small, quiet, and robust, it is intended for long hours of uninterrupted use.

RED Digital Cinema Camera

RED Epic® & RED One® are the UltraHD 5K and 4K digital cinema cameras used to shoot movies such as The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Snow White and the Huntsman, Prometheus, The Social Network, The Hobbit, and more. See a complete list of movies here.

UltraHD Content

The Sky Factory's award-winning photographers and cinematographers create superb footage of pristine nature. Using the latest RED Digital Cinema™ technology, they capture the beauty of the sky, our largest common experience of nature, in all of its engaging subtlety and variety, from a range of locations and climactic conditions.

SkyV sequences are fixed compositions, generally 1 to 1½ hours long, that allow viewers to fully immerse themselves in the play and display of the sky's beautiful evolution over time.

If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us, we are often able to capture the scenery our clients want.


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