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SkyCeiling Lighting Options

The Sky Factory offers several lighting options for Luminous SkyCeilings, including a non-lighting option:

Programmable SkyCeilings are not available at this time. For more information, contact us.

t5 product lighting system diagramSky Factory T5 fluorescent lighting is our standard lighting option. Our proprietary T5 fluorescent lighting troffers provide even illumination of the Luminous SkyTile image panels, are economical, energy-efficient, daylight balanced, and the greenest choice among available fluorescent tubes. T5 fluorescent systems are also available with optional dimmable ballasts. Read more about T5 fluorescent lighting.

ecoSlim lighting systemSky Factory EcoSlim™ LED is a new edge-lit light guide system that provides perfectly even, high CRI, and daylight balanced illumination in a slim profile package. When assembled with the SkyTile and SkyTile Elevator, the EcoSlim LED unit has a total depth of less than 4.5". This solid state lighting option offers long life in excess of 40,000 hours, is virtually maintenance-free, energy-efficient, toxin free, dimmable, and compatible with all RF-free environments. Read more about EcoSlim LED lighting (PDF).

Momentary Contact Switch for Dimmable Sky Factory SkyCeilingsDimmable Lighting Options
Contrary to commonly held opinion, fluorescent lighting is dimmable, and our T5 lighting systems are available with optional dimmers that smoothly modulate the light from 0% to 100%. Likewise, EcoSlim™ LED lighting is available with an optional dimmer.

Sky Factory Ambient SkyCeilingsSky Factory Ambient SkyCeilings are simply opaque SkyTiles that can be dropped into any standard hung ceiling grid, just like acoustic tiles. Ambient SkyCeilings are not backlit, but are illuminated by the ambient room light, or by custom sconce or cove lighting. Ambient SkyCeilings feature the same extensive selection of images as Luminous SkyCeilings (see Image Library for complete selection) and provide a beautiful economical alternative. Read more about Ambient SkyCeilings.

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