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Sky Factory Ambient SkyCeilings
Sky Factory Ambient SkyCeilings™ are moderately priced alternatives to Luminous SkyCeilings. They feature the same beautiful sky images, as well as the relaxing benefits of views of nature provided by Luminous SkyCeilings. They are lit from below by ambient room light, or specially installed cove lighting. Ambient SkyCeilings are simply comprised of opaque Ambient SkyTiles™ that sit in the ceiling grid just like acoustic tiles. There are virtually no size limitations, can be scaled up to any rectangular configuration defined by the ceiling grid, and are very easy to install.

Sky Factory Ambient Rectilinear SkyCeilings are comprised of Ambient SkyTiles that sit in the suspended ceiling grid:

  1. Image Tiles
    Sky Factory Ambient SkyTiles™ are high-resolution, photographic reproductions that convey the color, scale and perspective of actual sky. They are laminated to durable, lightweight, aluminum panels.
  2. Ceiling Grid
    Client-provided suspended ceiling grid system.

Features of Ambient SkyCeilings:

  • Ambient SkyCeilings fit into standard 2'x2', 2'x4', 60cm grid systems. Ambient SkyCeilings can also be custom sized and configured.
  • Ambient SkyCeilings are lit by available room or cove lighting.
  • Ambient SkyCeilings feature proprietary, high-resolution photography, that provides a stunning 3-dimensional experience. We offer hundreds of beautiful images of real skies, clouds, trees, foliage, and blossoms to choose from.


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