Circular Luminous SkyCeilings
Sky Factory Circular Luminous SkyCeilings™ engage people with authentic illusions of nature that trigger genuine physiological responses of relaxation, tranquility, vitality and well-being. The circular design resonates with the curved field of human vision and provides a memorable alternative to conventional rectangular shapes. Circular Luminous SkyCeilings come in a range of standard sizes: 5’-0", 6’-0", 8’-6⅝", 10’-0", 11’-9", and 14’-3" diameters. They are supplied complete - perimeter, grid, elevators, image tiles and lighting.

How Circular Luminous SkyCeilings Work

1. Lighting Systems
Sky Factory LED lighting systems provide daylight quality light, and require 7.25 inches of vertical clearance.

2. Image Tiles
Sky Factory Luminous SkyTiles™ are high-resolution, photographic reproductions on translucent panels that convey the color, scale and perspective of actual sky.

3. Elevators
Patented Sky Factory Classic SkyTile Elevators™ elevate SkyTiles above the grid, creating a robust structural appearance, like a real skylight.

4. Ceiling Grid
Custom perimeter and suspended ceiling grid system provided.


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