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Sky Factory Manufacturing and Materials Team Member

The primary duty of Manufacturing and Materials Team Members, as is the case for all Sky Factory employees, is the overall management of the Sky Factory enterprise. This management is carried out by participation in four distinct teams.

Specific activities of Manufacturing and Materials Team Members include but are not limited to: (Sky Factory will train in one or more areas as needed)

  1. Co-plan the weekly production work and coordinate implementation of plans along with teammates, including cross-training and rotation of weekly job duties.
  2. Communicate and discuss strategic plans with other teams in the company including but not limited to engineering, graphics, marketing and sales.
  3. Organize and manage job-specific information such as part numbers, inventory, packaging, installation instruction and hardware, using Microsoft Excel to organize workflow priorities as well as use small printers to generate serialized product labels.
  4. Collaborate with multiple project management teams periodically to develop strategic plans and identify process improvements for the production team as well as the company as a whole.
  5. Use pallet jack or forklift for shipping and receiving of palletized materials and products, manage space in warehouse storage racking.
  6. Monitor and report on the status of plan implementation at weekly company-wide meetings for feedback and transparency.
  7. Assemble T5 lighting systems, solder LED lighting systems and power supplies, cut aluminum extrusions according to detailed CAD drawings, pack all lighting products.
  8. Use RIP software to send images to large format printer, use large format laminator for processing printed images, mount images onto substrates, pack image panels.
  9. Produce material parts using a table saw, industrial miter saws, chop saws, wire cutter, hand tools, power tools, and crimpers.
  10. Maintain and repair tools and machinery.
  11. Execute quality control operations including double checking the work of teammates, communicate with vendors and suppliers, use amp probes, hipot testers and other equipment to verify functionality of electrical products. Check image panels for visual defects.
  12. Maintain health and safety standards everywhere on the premise, including but not limited to those guidelines in the company handbook.
  13. Formulate self-development objectives with the production team including feedback from human relations group, maintain integration with company culture and related corporate responsibilities.

Please submit your resume to Lauren Schill laurens@skyfactory.com.

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