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eNews Archive > January 2011
Sky Factory eNews - January 2011
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Your New
Sky Image Library

The printed image of sky, clouds, and often trees, is the heart and soul of your Sky Factory Luminous SkyCeiling™. Ultimately, the difference between a successful illusion and a pretty picture lies in the multiple factors that must be considered in image production.

Sky Factory photographers and artists have created the finest collection of unique overhead sky images in the world. With thousands of proprietary, high-resolution files at their disposal, Sky Factory artists can fulfill any customer request for a unique Illusion of Sky™ installation.

Visitors to the Image Library often look for a Luminous SkyCeiling image to fit a specific ceiling design or dimensions. Refinements to the Image Library now simplify the viewing of available sky images for all common dimensions, as well as many custom configurations.

Simply click on your configuration of choice and browse the updated selection of the highest quality and most popular sky images for that size. If you don’t see what you want, contact one of our Sky Designers to discuss your image preferences; we’ll create the perfect image for your installation – a free design service.

See the extraordinary selection in the Image Library.

AIA course illustration

NEW, Free Online AIA Cont. Ed. Course

Your presentation was one of the best seminars I’ve attended in a long time. The introduction to the concept of biophilia was very enlightening. – Richard LaRose, AIA

For nearly a year we’ve been giving live, lunch & learn webinar presentations of our AIA CES Approved course, Sustainability, Biophilia, and Illusions of Nature. Through this presentation, over a thousand architects and designers have already learned how sustainable biophilic design can incorporate illusions of nature that satisfy our inherent need for contact with nature. AIA members have earned one unit of Sustainable Design (SD) credit.

For individuals who’d like to take the course online, we now offer What is Biophilia, and What Does It Have To Do with Sustainability and Illusions of Nature in Architecture?

This media-rich video reformatting of our popular Sustainability, Biophilia, and Illusions of Nature course is provided for easy, anytime, individual access at The Continuing Architect. Because of its non-technical approach, it can be enjoyed by anyone interested in learning more about biophilia, sustainability, and design. For AIA members: watch the presentation on your computer; pass the short quiz at the end; and you will earn one unit of HSW/SD credit. This online course is FREE to all.

Notable Installations

For many years we’ve designed split-configuration SkyCeilings for radiology installations that need to accommodate ceiling equipment such as lasers. This is far preferable to holes in the sky image, which work against the success of the illusion. But more than just an accommodation to engineering constraints, split-configuration SkyCeilings also prove to be some of the strongest illusions of sky.

There are many design elements that go to creating the uniquely powerful illusory effect of Sky Factory Luminous SkyCeilings – leading-edge digital photography, natural and accurate color reproduction, the 3-dimensional effect of the SkyTile Elevators™, perfectly even backlighting, are some of the design elements mastered by our SkyCeiling creators.

Split configurations, remove portions of the sky image, yet enhance the illusory experience of an overhead sky because, in our mind’s eye, we sense the continuous presence of the sky above and behind the ceiling’s partitions. Designers should consider split-configurations at any opportunity to economically and perceptually expand and enhance the illusion of nature.

Brilliant Views from Brazil –
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