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Sky Factory eNews - May 2012
Sky Factory SkyCeiling image

Sky Factory's unique sky images will be used in research studies at Texas Tech University.

Sky Factory Sponsors
University Research on Biophilia

The Sky Factory is sponsoring research at Texas Tech University's Neuroimaging Institute to study neural activity associated with viewing the company's realistic sky images. The two-part research project will also study the effects of Sky Factory's SkyCeilings™ (virtual skylights) on hospital patients. Dr Debajyoti Pati, Dr Michael O'Boyle and Dr Cherif Amor of Texas Tech will conduct the study.

Sky Factory is supporting this research to better understand the mechanisms involved in biophilic engagement, whereby the healing process is enhanced through enlivening the genetic predisposition for connectedness with nature.

The initial fMRI study will generate brain maps of the neural pathways and regions associated with subjects' perception of the unique nature imagery created for Sky Factory Luminous SkyCeilings™, and compare those results with the mapped responses of the subjects' viewing imagery established as being “positive,” “negative,” or “neutral.”

The second part of the study will gather data on hospital patients — one group staying in rooms with Sky Factory Luminous SkyCeilings installed over the beds, and a second group staying in rooms without the SkyCeilings. Data will be collected over a year on all of the patients in the associated rooms, and analyzed at the end of the study to see what effects the SkyCeilings had on the patients exposed to them.

Evidence-based design research indicates that illusions of nature support healing, reduce stress and anxiety, and reduce the use of pain medications in healthcare settings. Through this research initiative with Texas Tech, The Sky Factory is attempting to better understand and document how biophilic illusions of nature function in healthcare, and other environments.

Unique biophilic design elements, Sky Factory products are versatile, visually engaging architectural tools that modify the experience of the built environment and enliven human beings' innate attraction to the natural world (biophilia). These realistic nature illusions have been installed in healthcare environments around the world to alleviate stress, promote patient relaxation, provide positive distraction, and improve the patient experience.

Serenades by Sonata

A Notable Installation: Serenades by Sonata

Serenades by Sonata is a purpose-built, state-of-the-art memory care assisted living facility in Longwood, Florida. The special demands of memory care issues are provided for in a beautiful, safe, and serene environment where staff attends to residents' needs in a flexible and caring atmosphere. This model memory care facility, frequently visited by architects and memory care professionals, integrates important biophilic elements to bring nature's stress relieving influence to the residents.

A lush garden space sits at the heart of the facility. The interior passageways, although devoid of daylight and views, feature several large tropical-themed Luminous SkyCeilings. Views to nature, whether real or simulated, have been shown to provide a wide range of health benefits including stress relief, hastened healing, and pain reduction. At Serenades by Sonata, the Luminous SkyCeilings connect residents to the primordial presence of sun, sky, and foliage. More in the Portfolio.

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