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Sky Factory eNews - January 2013

Hospitality and Healthcare
A Satisfying Combination

Healthcare is a consumer-driven marketplace. Hotels are rated, restaurants are rated, and healthcare facilities are rated, too. The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Care Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) mandates that patient surveys be conducted in hospitals that receive Medicare reimbursement. Survey results are available online giving patients more information when selecting a hospital based on the experience of others. In stressful medical settings, research has established that views to nature can relax patients, decrease movement during procedures, and raise patient-satisfaction ratings. Medicare reimbursements to hospitals are now tied to these patient surveys – hospitals pay close attention to these results.

Emergency room visits are never pleasant experiences. Anxiety and feelings of isolation are common. Staff at NYC's Mt. Sinai's geriatric emergency (geri-ed) department is improving patient experience with the installation of Luminous SkyCeilings and other amenities. "Even in their early stages, patient satisfaction ratings for Mount Sinai's geri-ed are 'off the scoreboard,' said Dr. Andy Jagoda, the hospital's chairman of emergency medicine."

Sky Factory Luminous SkyCeiling makes the imaging suite a much more hospitable space.

Keith Gray, quality manager at Benson Radiology in South Australia installed Sky Factory SkyCeilings into two MRI suites "to provide patients with a warm, friendly and enjoyable experience." The confined space of an MRI machine can contribute to a claustrophobic response in patients. Gray explains that "In the past, exams have been cancelled by patients who feel they cannot stay in the MRI for the duration of their exam . . . but, by teaming up a new wide bore MRI technology with the Luminous SkyCeiling experience we found patients are much better able to cope with their MRI examinations." Since the installation Benson Radiology has "enjoyed a considerable drop" in cancelled MRI examinations.

The December 2012 issue cover story in Health Facilities Management quotes senior vice president and director of health facilities at architecture firm HKS Inc, Joseph G. Sprague, suggesting that "given the growing importance of patient satisfaction measurements, it will also be important for designers to pay attention to consumer preferences." Hospitals that have incorporated extra features and amenities are scoring higher on recent patient satisfaction surveys conducted by HCAHPS.

With sponsorship from The Sky Factory, Texas Tech University (TTU) is adding to the large and growing body of evidence showing the physical environment of a facility impacts not only patient stress, but patient and staff safety, staff effectiveness, and quality of care provided. Results from part one of a two-part study from TTU using fMRI brain scanning, showed a surprising correlation between viewing photographic sky compositions and unique neural activations. Part-two of the study, finishing in late 2013, will measure patients' experiences in rooms where Luminous SkyCeilings are installed compared to data from patients in rooms without Luminous SkyCeilings. The research team will compare both patient health outcomes and patient satisfaction scores. In an anticipated third study, SkyCeilings will be installed above nurses stations to study the effects on healthcare professionals.

New Sky Factory Partners
in Scandinavia and Vietnam

J3 IngenjÖrsbyrå AB is Sky Factory's new authorized partner in Scandinavia. J3's Johan Bergelin and Daniel Johanson formed Sky Factory Skandinavien, headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, and now making the complete product line available. J3 is also operating in the Norwegian and Danish markets. From February 5th through 9th, Sky Factory Skandinavien will exhibit at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair at the Stockholmsmässan Center in Stockholm.

Louis Palace Co., Ltd is Sky Factory's new authorized partner in Vietnam. Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan of Louis Palace Co. has formed Sky Factory Vietnam. Louis Palace Co. is located at R604, Pacific Place - 83B, Ly Thuong Kiet in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

Luminous SkyCeiling installation at Frisbie Memorial Hospital

Notable Installations

In this issue we feature several noteworthy Luminous SkyCeiling installations in radiology suites, where the inducement of the relaxation response is especially valuable. Not only do SkyCeilings expand the spatial experience of confined radiology suites, they also make people feel good.

At Frisbie Memorial Hospital, an impressive 8' square SkyCeiling has been gracefully integrated into the elliptical motif of the custom ceiling design.

The exquisite coloring of the 60 sq. ft. SkyCeiling installation at the Artesian Cancer Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is an engaging and relaxing presence in the otherwise standard design of the treatment suite.

The elliptical shape of the SkyCeiling at Norton Brownsboro Hospital is a unique and potent biophilic element in the CT suite.

Warranties and Image Renewal Program Revised

The Image Renewal & Recycle Program now provides for a 20% discount for a replacement set of Luminous SkyCeiling or Luminous Virtual Window images for any reason, other than warranty issues, from the day of completed installation of your Sky Factory product. Want a new SkyCeiling? Get a new set of image tiles for a 20% discount at any time. Download the Image Renewal & Recycle Program document.

The domestic and international warranties have been revised. The substantial change increases the 100% SkyTile replacement coverage for fading and degradation from one year to three years. Prorated discounts of 10% each year, through the full 10-year warranty period, now start in the fourth year of ownership, not the second year. Download the Warranty documents.


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