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1: Why is the long evolutionary timeframe of human development important to an understanding of biophilia?
Because human evolution over the last two million years took place almost entirely in nature, not in manmade environments.
Because prehistoric humans developed architecture early in their evolution.
Because it is impossible for us to meaningfully grasp how long two million years is.
2: Which of the following best defines biophilia?
Biophilia is the name scientists have given to the way prehistoric humans lived immersed in nature.
Biophilia is the instinctive human need to affiliate with nature.
Biophilia is the attraction people have to plants.
3: Biophilia is thought to be a _____________?
Genetic mutation.
Genetic predisposition.
4: Which one of the following is NOT a benefit of exposure to nature?
Daylight in the workplace tends to improve worker performance.
Spending time in a pleasant natural setting can lower blood pressure.
Viewing a beautiful landscape can make people sleepy.
5: The Relaxation Response is the opposite of the _______________?
Stimulus response.
Olfactory response.
Fight or Flight response.
6: In terms of Dr. Roger Ulrich's research on healthcare settings, which of the following is NOT a benefit of biophilic values (views to nature and natural daylight)?
Positive distraction
Alleviation of stress
Weight normalization
7: Which of the following best defines Biophilic Design?
Biophilic Design promotes living in nature with as little manmade intrusion as possible.
Biophilic Design aims to improve quality of life by bringing values of nature into architecture.
Biophilic Design is an architectural style relying on organic forms drawn from the natural world.
8: Illusions are essentially ____________________?
Neurological disturbances.
Cognitive breaks.
9: Amodal perception is a cognitive principle from Gestalt Psychology that describes what?
The human tendency to fill in visual information about an object in view that is occluded by an object in front of it.
The human tendency to give perceptual preference to object that are moving in our field of view.
The subconscious attraction to natural forms and patterns.
10: Which of the following does NOT enhance the realistic appearance of a sky-image ceiling?
Maintaining true color fidelity of the reproduction of the sky image composition.
Capturing of the gentle motion of clouds and foliage by using slow shutter speeds to record subtle blurring of the image.
Activating amodal perception by introducing visual breaks in a large sky image composition.

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