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The Neurobiology of Biophilia & Spatial Cognition
- 1 HSW LU/CEU (AIA and IDCEC) - 1 General CEU (GBCI) - 1 PXE CEU

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The Restorative Impact of Perceived Open Space
- 1 HSW LU/CEU (AIA and IDCEC) - 1 General CEU (GBCI) - 1 PXE CEU

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Biophilic Illusions
- 1 HSW LU/CEU (AIA and IDCEC) - 1 General CEU (GBCI) - 1 PXE CEU

Upcoming Dates:

Course: The Neurobiology of Biophilia & Spatial Cognition

This course explores the neurobiology behind Biophilia’s most healing attribute: a visual connection to nature, which also happens to be the feature with the most robust peer-reviewed research backing its therapeutic qualities.

We learn about the connection between the immune system and sensory processing, as well as how environmental features precipitate a neural chemistry that modulates our attraction/aversion to the built environment.

The course unveils the healing potential of indoor sky illusions and how cognitive mechanisms map out our body’s location in relation to our immediate surroundings, as well as to perceived connections to nature. This understanding of how distinct areas of the brain assemble our embodied sense of place provide valuable insights in the design of enclosed interiors for human wellness.

Neurobiology of Biophilia AIA/CES Program Summary

“Great slides — beautiful images that clearly reflected what the course was about! It was a deeper look into sustainability than I have heard before.”

—Melody S. AIA

Course: The Restorative Impact of Perceived Open Space

In this course we explore the accumulated research that has revealed the adverse impact of enclosed interiors and deep-plan buildings on human performance.

Gain insights into human perception, and how architectural cues can be staged to trigger many of the same beneficial responses otherwise obtained by genuine biophilic elements.

Discover the roles circadian light and perceived open space play in shaping human cognitive function, as well as how our psycho-physiology changes in interior environments.

Uncover a new design framework that proposes the restorative value of perceived open space in its two essential orientations: perceived zenith and perceived horizon line.

In contrast to how we perceive these spatial reference frames outdoors, in enclosed interiors where such reference frames are often not visible, we can stage architectural cues to alter our perception of interior space.

Restoring these spatial reference frames through a valid multisensory illusion restores a range of wellness benefits otherwise associated with interiors applying biophilic design principles.

The Restorative Impact of Perceived Open Space AIA/CES Program Summary

“Thoroughly enjoyable and flawless.”

—Chris C. AIA

Course: Biophilic Illusions

In this course, we explore our inherent connection and attraction to nature, identified as The Biophilia Hypothesis, and the ways that our lives are dependently and beneficially intertwined with nature.

We look at the growing trend towards Biophilic Design, and how it can integrate therapeutic attributes of nature into interiors and thereby enliven Biophilia's restorative properties.

In particular, optical illusions, illusions of nature, and illusory skies are examined in relationship to architectural design and Biophilic Design. We also delve into the purpose, creation, and applications of multisensory Illusions of Nature.

Learn how biophilic illusions can be integrated with architecture to infuse the healing, comforting, and refreshing properties of nature into the built environment.

Biophilic Illusions AIA/CES Program Summary


Why Sky Factory?

Sky Factory is the leading designer and manufacturer of Luminous SkyCeilings, Luminous Virtual Windows, and Digital Cinema Illusions of Nature.

Quite simply, we create simulated skylights and windows that can be installed in any interior space.

Our award-winning products offer high quality natural lighting and a feeling of openness in enclosed interior spaces.

Scientific Research

Sky Factory is the only provider of research-verified Luminous SkyCeilings. Luminous SkyCeilings are the only virtual skylights to engage spatial cognition and depth perception.

Peer-reviewed, published research on Sky Factory Luminous SkyCeilings found that Luminous SkyCeilings reduce occupant stress by over 50% and anxiety by over 34%.

Source: Health Environments Research & Design Journal

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