Video ID: es2044 Title: Summer Morning Squalls on Mistaya River, Canadian Rockies Location: Mistaya River with view on Epaulette Mountain, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

At about 1,500 meters altitude, waters of the Mistaya River run parallel to and east of the Continental Divide to finally reach the ocean at Hudson Bay.

Here, in the Canadian Rockies, rapidly changing weather and the consequent drama of morning light and shadow is displayed on the sheer mountain slopes and further reflected in the river's changing surface.

Cloud shadow-patterns from dramatic skies flow over the landscape.

Patches of direct sunlight alternately reveal the layers and contours of ridges, canyons and other features which are then lost again to deep shadow.

The river's flow and a large eddy move in opposite directions behind wind-blown reeds and grasses.

The whine of occasional mosquitoes is lost in the sound of wind. Crows call to each other in the background.