Video ID: es2046 Title: Autumn Clouds, Mist and Fog, Basin Pond, New Hampshire Location: New Hampshire

In 1840, Henry David Thoreau wrote in his journal:

"I should wither and dry up if it were not for lakes and rivers. I am conscious that my body derives its genesis from their waters, as much as the muskrat or the herbage on their brink. The thought of Walden [Pond] in the woods yonder makes me supple-jointed and limber for the duties of the day. Sometimes I thirst for it.

There it lies all the year reflecting the sky - and from its surface there seems to go up a pillar of ether, which bridges over the space between earth and heaven.

Water seems a middle element between earth and air. The most fluid in which man can float.

Across the surface of every lake there sweeps a hushed music."

Thoreau's transcendental description of his experience of Walden Pond, and the significance of its presence for his daily life (and for the greater life of us all) is not only a refined, even literal, description of the Basin Pond sequences but also a profound statement of the character and significance of biophilic engagement itself - the very purpose of all eScape sequences.

For us, so many years later, with a technology that can capture and display the visual experience of these moments at Basin Pond, it is tempting to describe this sequence as being indescribable, beautiful beyond words - and leave it at that.

Yet, just as Thoreau's words give clarity and direction to our most refined and sublime experience, so a bit of background may prove helpful in creating context for these stunning visuals. The sequence begins looking southwest on an early October morning. With a storm front entering the area, the night had turned colder than in the past and, before daybreak, included rain. Low clouds, mist and fog continually form in the distance and, moved by gentle winds, hide and reveal a multi-layered landscape and sky that give rise to unimaginable combinations of the earth, water, air and light that bridge "the space between earth and heaven".

The audio of this sequence contains the 'music' of Basin Pond's early morning: silence, a bit of wind and the occasional Blue Jay.